Healthy Hound

Missing Pet Search & Rescue Unit

Our Team


We are an ever growing team of dogs and humans and it is no longer just a gal and her dog - its a bunch of gals (and a guy) and their dogs!


Diane - Zizou, Axl & Jett

Karlene - Khaos & Red

Nikki - (pup coming soon)

Linda & Bev with their Limpopo pups

Michael & Mali - team Potch

Our Success Rate

There are so many factors that goes into whether a find is successful and we can never make a guarantee that we will find your pet. We can however brag that we have an 81% success rate!

Welcome to the home of Healthy Hound Missing Pet Search & Rescue. We are Africa's 1st & only Missing Pet K9 Search Unit & Pet Detectives...

At Healthy Hound, we are there for you, the pet parent, when your fur child goes wandering. Whether you just need someone to sympathize or if you want a full blown search party, we are here for you! We have a team of dedicated, passionate people who are backed by highly trained K9 partners. 

Our Story


When Diane was just 16yrs old, she taste of Search & Rescue when some disabled kids went missing and she flanked a SAPs K9 officer & knew she wanted to do SAR work. . Then, at 30, a friend's cat went missing and she tried using her dog KD to find it. 9yrs later she got Zizou and well... we all know the rest of the story: Healthy Hound Missing Pet Search & Rescue was founded. 

Our Services


  • Missing Pet Tracking (using our K9s)
  • Missing Pet Consultations (with one of our qualified pet detectives)
  • Missing Pet Trapping
  • Poster, Social Media & Website design for your missing pet
  • Stolen Pet Investigations
  • Scent storage - we now offer a service to keep a scent sample just in case...

Helping to reunite humans & their pets